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For effective farm cleaning machinery solutions, contact Kevin Woods Machinery

Cleaning Machinery

Explore a world of advanced cleaning solutions with our top-tier Cleaning Machinery offerings at Kevin Woods Machinery. From Separators and Hydro Separators that efficiently remove impurities to Coil Cleaners that ensure optimal performance, our range is designed to meet your exacting standards.


Discover the precision of Star Cleaners that leave surfaces sparkling, and experience the thoroughness of Dry Brushers that tackle even the most stubborn residues. At Kevin Woods Machinery, we bring you Cleaning Machinery that redefines hygiene and efficiency in the world of agriculture and farming.


For advanced cleaning machinery solutions, contact Kevin Woods Machinery



For more information about any of our products, contact us today.

  • Where can I find farm machinery near me?
    Kevin Woods Machinery provides farm machinery to customers in Dublin.
  • What kinds of agri machinery are available?
    Our agri machinery includes both new and used machinery, as well as machinery from brands like Rev and Manter.
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