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Discover the Future of Agri and Farm Machinery with Our Used Machinery Collection

Used Machinery

Discover a world of quality and value with our Used Machinery offerings at Kevin Woods Machinery. From Compressors that ensure efficient operations to Box Fillers that optimize packaging, our range showcases meticulously inspected and reliable used equipment for the agricultural and farming industry. Experience the convenience of Box Tippers that streamline material handling, and embrace the efficiency of Conveyor Machinery that enhances workflow.


Unveil the versatility of Flow Wrappers and the precision of Grader Machinery, each a testament to the durability and value of our used equipment. With Kevin Woods Machinery, explore the potential of Used Machinery to elevate your operations while making a smart investment in your farming and agricultural endeavors.


For high-quality and reasonably priced used farm machinery products, contact Kevin Woods Machinery


For more information about any of our products, contact us today.

  • Where can I find farm machinery near me?
    Kevin Woods Machinery provides farm machinery to customers in Dublin.
  • What kinds of agri machinery are available?
    Our agri machinery includes both new and used machinery, as well as machinery from brands like Rev and Manter.
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