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Kevin Woods Machinery's Thor isa combination weigher with manual loading, suitable to compose doses according to a prearranged weight (never lower). Produces are positioned by operators directly on the scale/hoppers, then the Thor calculates the best combination of available weights to compose the dose. Produces fall on 2 soft wave belts and are outfed on a central hopper.Thor can be coupled with various packaging machines (netting machines, flowpack, flow wrap, stretch) and can outfeed the doses either on trays or conveyor belts.The touch-screen control panel, swiveling and located in a central position, allows to adjust Thor's functioning parameters according to the produce to work.


SKU: 92
  • Technical Features: 14 ample scales/hoppers (315x145mm, 100mm deep) Protection grade IP55Scales/hoppers are easy to access and to remove (easy sanitation) Gentle (produce is discharged on soft wave belts) Indicating lights, to ease product positioning Easy to operate Adjustable recipes and parameters by the on-board touch-screen panel Precision: +/- 1g (division 1g) Can be coupled with netting machines, flowpack, flow wrap, stretch and conveyor belts in general Dimensions: 3675x670mm. Height is widely configurable Theoretical productivity: over 40 doses/minute, but it's related to operators' ability and to the produce delicacy Optionals: Platforms with ladders, supports for boxes, hoppers. Also in stainless steel AISI304

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