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Discover the Future of Agri and Farm Machinery with Our New Machinery Collection

New Machinery

Our commitment to excellence drives us to bring you a diverse and cutting-edge range of new machinery that caters to every facet of your agricultural operations.


From cleaning and conveying machinery to onion peelers and beyond, we empower you to elevate your productivity and outcomes with the latest technological advancements.


For a diverse range of new farm machinery, contact Kevin Woods Machinery


Efficiency starts with cleanliness. Discover our range of cleaning machinery designed to remove impurities and ensure the highest product quality.


From soil removal to debris elimination, our cleaning machinery solutions set the stage for impeccable results in your agricultural processes.


Experience purity with our washing machinery solutions that ensure thorough cleaning while preserving the integrity of your products.


From fruits to vegetables, our machinery delivers impeccable results that reflect your commitment to quality.


Effortlessly move your products from one point to another with our reliable conveying machinery. Our solutions optimize the flow of materials within your operations, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime.


Discover the power of precision with our advanced conveying systems.


Achieve perfect portions and quantities with our filling machinery. Whether you're working with grains, liquids, or powders, our solutions guarantee accuracy, consistency, and optimal product presentation.


Experience the confidence of precise filling with Kevin Woods Machinery.


Quality is key in agriculture, and our grading machinery ensures that only the best products make the cut.


Our advanced grading solutions classify your products based on size, shape, and quality, allowing you to deliver consistent excellence to your customers.


Store and dispense your products with ease using our innovative hoppers machinery.


Designed to optimize space and minimize waste, our hoppers solutions streamline your operations while maintaining the integrity of your goods.


Witness the transformation of raw materials into finished goods with our processing and packaging machinery.


Our solutions cover every stage of production, from preparation to packaging, ensuring efficiency, consistency, and quality throughout the process.


Load and unload materials effortlessly with our tipping machinery.


Our solutions are engineered for maximum safety and efficiency, providing you with the tools to handle materials with ease and precision.


Accuracy is paramount in agriculture, and our weighing machinery guarantees precise measurements.


Whether you're weighing ingredients, products, or materials, our solutions offer dependable accuracy for optimal results.


Experience the efficiency of our onion peelers, designed to save time and labor in bulb processing.


Our solutions peel and prepare onions with precision, ensuring that you achieve consistent results while reducing manual effort.


Explore the power of performance with Rev Machinery, a brand that symbolizes innovation and reliability.


Our Rev Machinery collection brings you solutions that redefine efficiency, durability, and technological advancement.


Experience excellence with Manter Machinery, a brand synonymous with quality and precision.


Our Manter Machinery solutions elevate your processes, ensuring that your products meet the highest standards.


For more information on any new farm machinery products, contact Kevin Woods Machinery

  • Where can I find farm machinery near me?
    Kevin Woods Machinery provides farm machinery to customers in Dublin.
  • What kinds of agri machinery are available?
    Our agri machinery includes both new and used machinery, as well as machinery from brands like Rev and Manter.
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