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Kevin Woods Machinery's Eagle is an automatic machine that places an adhesive tape around loose products, that are positioned manually on specific slots called "cradles". Cradles are installed on a pair of chains that move together. Operators can load the products from the back or from the sides of the machine. Once loaded, the products are moved towards the taping position and finally evacuated.


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  • TECHNICAL FEATURES 4,3" colour touch-screen panel Possibility of using PP, paper, compostable, peelable or self-adhesive tape Tape dispenser with peel rewinder and end-of-material-detection sensor Tape capacity (each channel) : 620 m (about 44 minutes of autonomy) Sensor for detecting the passing of the product maximum height Sensor for detecting the product presence, in order to optimise the production Tape application in case of product presence only (automatically and for each channel) Independent taping devices selectable from the interface Recommended-load indicator light, for minimising the tape consumption on both channels equally Maximum product height: 200 mm Product width: max 270/min 85 mm No product weight limits Parts touching the product made of materials suitable for food contact High production continuity and minimum maintenance Extremely low energy consumption Compact size Possibility of symmetrical mounting (wether not specified, the machine is intended with the operator panel on the left) Maximum-configuration weight: 428 kg Machine size for the transport: 3300x900x1850 mm (Lx Wx H) Maximum production: 56 o 28 pcs/min. (with 1 or 2 lanes) OPTIONALSMounting on wheels (H +30 mm) Weigh-price device with adhesive-label applicator

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