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Kevin Woods Machinery's Vega HORIZONTAL NETTING MACHINE WITH CLIPis an extremely versatile automatic machine, suitable for working a really wide range of products (vegetables, citrus and fruit). It can pack loose products up to 2kg, but also punnets, trays and small cartons in net. The can also apply a wineglass label and a strip functioning as handle. It works with both extruded or knitted net.


SKU: 99
  • Technical Features: Mechanical and pneumatic functioning Packages format change with no mechanical variations (up to 300×200 H110 cartons) Shaped net tube equivalent to Ø260 L=1200 mm Great net tube capacity (more than 300 metres) Net traction (on the tube) by means of rubber counter-rotating conveyors system Toshiba high-resolution wineglass labels printer, with alarms management and labels data storage Possibility of working wineglass labels of different lengths Application of a strip functioning as handle (up to 27 mm of breadth) Alarms management by means of a practical colour touch-screen panel Instant production indicator (packages/minute) Extremely gentle punnets drive system Packages closure by means of traditional metal clip in reel (5×0.30÷0.35 mm) Easily accessible and LED-lighted clip compartment Parts subject to dirt made of AISI304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, in order to facilitate cleaning Really high production continuity Extremely easy to us Potentiality: up to 35 packages/min Optionals: Packages handle applicator

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