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Kevin Woods Machinery's SCORPION DOUBLE BOX FILLING MACHINE, is an automatic high-productivity machine for filling 60×40 cm  with 10 punnets arranged in two lines of five (40×30 cm with 8 punnets arranged in two lines of four, for what concerning the SCORPION34 version). It is possible to use both carton boxes and plastic containers (IFCO, CPR, STECO and similar).


SKU: 84
  • Technical Features: It can also handle delicate products Pneumatic functioning Workable punnets: from 0,5 to 1 Kg, (250 g with the SCORPION34 version) , netted, flowpack, top-seal, clamshells, with or without lid Two-cycle empty trays filling system Alarms management by means of p.l.c.Instant production indicator (packages/minute) Carton magazine contains about 24 empty trays (30 for the SCORPION34 version) Mobile electrical panel, in order to better suit the machine layout Double commands panel, for better ergonomics Compact structure Very easy to use Trays infeed heights and carton infeeding direction can be designed according to the installation Potentiality: up to 140 packages/min (up to 14 containers/min) , (up to 140 packages/min, more than 17 containers/min, for the SCORPION34 version) Optionals: Empty trays double automatic supplying device Empty trays double manual supplying device Full trays double outfeed Two-lines diverter

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