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Kevin Woods Machinery's can provide large Onion Peeling Machines that tops, tails and peels onions of 45mm to 115mm diameter using self adjusting floating knife assemblies over a range of up to 25mm on any one setting. It then slits the onion horizontally from top to tail, the depth of slit is determined by onion quality and grade. The machine finally removes the skin using compressed air providing an end product of optimum appearance. The video gives an introduction to the Onion Peeling Machine and explains how it works.

Onion Peelers Large

SKU: 75
  • The large onion system features: Dry peeling process Continuous operation Automatic pick-up of onions from hopper No change parts required when varying onion size Variable Speed up to 110 carriers/minute (Normal operating speed 90 carriers/minute) Labour requirements of 3 or 4 depending on product quality Simple mechanism, using a tried and testing mechanical design Raw material input rate approximately 750kg per hour using onions 75mm to 90mm diameter, 600kg per hour using onions 60mm to 80mm diameter

More Info About The Onion Peelers Large

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