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Kevin Woods Machinery's Manter M2i V Weigher is a Linear weigher equipped with 2 large weighing buckets, for weights up to 3kg. Each weighing bucket equipped with three vibrating lanes. When the bucket has reached its target weight, the products will be stopped from reaching the bucket.

Manter M2i V Weigher

SKU: 58
  • Specs: Weighing range: 500g – 3kg*Capacity at 2.5kg up to: 20 pcs/min* *Capacity of the bucket: 9 ltr IP-rating: IP54 , IP65Air consumption: 100L/min Supply voltage: 3 x 400V/50Hz+N+GND Power consumption: 3.6k WWeight of the machine: 1050 kg*  Depends on product and discharge system.

More Info About The Manter M2i V Weigher

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