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Kevin Woods Machinery's Hollywoodis a compact and solid high-performance machine for automatically filming boxes. It works with film or extruded net; once cut, the film or net is pasted to the box by hot melt. The machine is very versatile and can work with various formats of carton boxes.  Hollywood can be interfaced with  automated lines but can also be manually loaded/unloaded.Basically, two features distinguish Hollywood from other machines on the market: first of all, it can work 2 or 3 smaller boxes per each cycle, so increasing production.  Then,  Hollywood  allows to use very normal extruded flat net (with no film) and so reduce packaging costs.


SKU: 36
  • Technical Features: • Completely automatic format change (recipes available in the panel) • 1, 2 or 3 boxes processed per each cycle • Examples of formats: 3x 190×190 / 2x 250×150 / 2x 300×200 / 1x 400×300 / 1x 500×300 / 1x 600×400 • Boxes maximum height: 300 mm • Film can be die-cut, macro-perforated or micro-perforated • Usage of cheap extruded net (with no combined strips) only • Minimum glue consumption • Colour touch-screen panel with simple and intuitive interface • High film/net capacity; reels can reach up to 300 mm diameter • Reels can be easily replaced, thanks to an expansion air inflation mandrel system • Easy switching film/net via control panel • Optional installation on wheels • Bypass function, allowing boxes transit • Infeed/outfeed height: +300 mm • Possibility of mirror RH or LH installation • Extremely gentle in treating products • High-quality "hot-melt" glue system • Top notch electronic components • Easily accessible maintenance and cleaning areas • Very reliable • High continuity of production; minimum maintenance • Easy to operate • High productivity • Potentiality: from 20 up to 50 packages/min (according to box format) Optionals: • 3-box production kit • Hot cutting system • Boxes infeed conveyor with automatic pushing device • Boxes infeed conveyor • Boxes outfeed conveyor • Boxes outfeed with level photocell


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