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Kevin Woods Machinery's GENIUS AUTOMATIC NET LOADER is an automatic system for loading net tubes with extruded net, both in reel or bale.  Genius  allows to completely eliminate waiting time and any other operation by  the operator,  who only has  to position the tube and press the start button.  Genius will then carry out the operation automatically, filling  the tube with much more net  than using traditional devices, so widely increasing the autonomy of the packaging machine.


SKU: 35
  • Technical Features: • Minimal noise • Electro-mechanical functioning • Compatible with tubes of any shape • Brushes distance fast adjustment (for manually switching tubes size) • Allowed sizes: min. ø 70 mm; max. ø 260 mm; max. lenght 1800 mm • Net anti-tangling device • Compact structure • Extremely easy to use Optionals: • "Hard" unrolling brushes kit, recommended for particularly rigid and resistant nets

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