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Kevin Woods Machinery's FRUIT COUNTER F16 is an automatic machine suitable for counting fruits according to a pre-arranged number of products. It can be combined with other kinds of machines (clipping machines, machines for thermosealed bags, etc.).F16 is equipped with one or more (according to specific needs) independent channels and a supplementary device for checking the fruit counting, in order to guarantee high speed and counting precision. Each channel has its own motor and inverter to set speed. Fruits are transported by specifically shaped soft rubber rollers that, while moving forward, simultaneously spin on their axis.


SKU: 33
  • Technical Features: Very gentle in treating products Possiblity of changing the conveyors pitch according to fruits dimensions Standard pitch: ø min. 30 mm; ø max. 65 mm Large pitch: ø min. 40 mm; ø max. 80 mm (the above mentioned sizes refer to optimal fruit diameter, nevertheless – at the expense of the production – it is also possible to work products of slightly different diameters) Possibility of mixing different fruit calibers Independent chains channels Adjustable speed by inverter Shaped soft rubber rollers, also available – upon request – without rotation Anti-jamming system for incoming fruits AISI304 stainless steel infeed hopper Various configurations available, according to the installation Minimal noise Very compact structure Intuitive interface with alarms management Extremely easy to use Potentiality: more than 500 products/min (each channel) Optionals: Product mixing kit Channels number customisable upon request Customised product unloading system (with hopper, conveyor, etc.)

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