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Kevin Woods Machinery's A Series ULTRA GENTLE WEIGHER, automatic weighers are available in different configurations; they can be equipped with 9, 12 or 16 vibrating channels (A9; A12; A16 models) and are suitable to compose doses of produces according to a pre-arranged (and never lower) weight.Series "A" weighers are made of a weighing head that may combine with different outfeed systems, according to the product to be worked and  to the packing machine  attached to it. Here are some examples of outfeed systems: innovative multiple outfeed  system with four conveyors (VELVET model), capable of handling the product with extreme gentleness throughout each production phase; double flap (EVD model) conveyor; single flap (EVS model) conveyor. Each of the above-mentioned devices may be equipped with hoppers to be connected to the packing machine.


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  • Technical Features: • Vibrating platforms loading system • 9-12-16 vibrating channels • 9-12-16 shovels for loading the products on the channels • 9-12-16 scales/weighing hoppers • Scales anti-overloading system • Ultra-delicate in treating products • All parts in contact with products coated with a soft padding • Inner components made of 304 AISI stainless steel and treated aluminum • Parts in contact with products made of materials for food use • Available in different configurations of weigher/outfeed system/hoppers mounting configurations • Product maximum diameter: about 90 mm. • Accuracy: +/- 1 g (1-g division) • Production system according to fruits number • Doses over 2kg • Extremely easy to use • Colour touch-screen control panel • Easy cleaning • Low maintenance needed • High reliability • High productivity • Potentiality according to: machine model, product, tolerance and weight set Optionals: • Outfeed systems and hoppers • Weigher support bases • Elevator or roller conveyor for produce infeed • Brush to reduce produce fall during infeeding

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