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For professional and reliable farm machinery solutions, contact

Kevin Woods Machinery

Kevin Woods Machinery

Explore a world of innovation and efficiency with Kevin Woods Machinery, your premier destination for a comprehensive range of agri and farm machinery.

With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of your needs, we offer a diverse selection of new and used machinery to cater to every aspect of your agricultural operations.


For versatile farm machinery solutions, contact Kevin Woods Machinery


Discover the latest advancements in agri and farm machinery with our premium selection of new equipment. From cutting-edge cleaning machinery that streamlines your operations to filing machinery that optimizes efficiency, we bring you innovative solutions that transform the way you work. Our range extends to specialized machinery like onion peelers and hoppers machinery, designed to meet the unique demands of your industry.


Experience excellence with brands like Rev Machinery and Manter Machinery, setting new standards in precision and performance.


When reliability meets affordability, our used machinery collection shines. We understand the importance of dependable equipment in your daily operations. Our range of used machinery is meticulously inspected, ensuring that you receive only the highest quality machinery that can withstand the rigors of your work.


Count on Kevin Woods Machinery to provide you with reliable solutions that keep your farm running smoothly.


Step into the realm of exceptional performance with Rev Machinery, a brand that stands for cutting-edge innovation and unwavering dedication to excellence.


Our Rev Machinery collection encompasses a variety of machinery designed to enhance your productivity and streamline your processes. Explore a range of machinery that showcases the perfect blend of technology, durability, and value.


Elevate your efficiency and precision with Manter Machinery, a brand renowned for its superior quality and innovative designs. Our Manter Machinery collection offers solutions that redefine the way you handle tasks, from packaging to handling.


Count on Manter Machinery to provide you with equipment that reflects your commitment to delivering top-quality products.

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  • Where can I find farm machinery near me?
    Kevin Woods Machinery provides farm machinery to customers in Dublin.
  • What kinds of agri machinery are available?
    Our agri machinery includes both new and used machinery, as well as machinery from brands like Rev and Manter.
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